How to Get an RCI license?

Recognition Through Licensing

After years of education and research in psychology, one steps into the field as a professional. However, one must get recognized as a clinical psychologist from the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). It is essential to get an RCI license because it regulates and monitors services given to persons with mental disorders.

It standardizes syllabi and maintains a Central Rehabilitation Register of all qualified professionals working in the field of Rehabilitation and Special Education. RCI also prescribes punitive action against unqualified persons delivering services to persons with mental disorders.



To get a license, one must have a Masters in Psychology degree, and a two-year M.Phil in Clinical Psychology or Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology or PsyD from an RCI approved institute. Before starting the process, it is essential to know about these guidelines provided by RCI on their website.

It educates us about the procedure of the registration. It consists of a list of documents that are required while filling the form for registration. Make sure the documents are scanned as they will be submitted online. It should be read thoroughly and carefully- General Instructions:-For filling up the application for the Online registration u/s 19 of RCI Act, 1992


Registration Process

To get your RCI license, follow the steps given below:

  1. Write your information as per the details you have provided in the University from where you have pursued your M.Phil.
  2. Pay Rs.1000 through NEFT. The details of the RCI Bank account on which you have to make the NEFT have been mentioned in point 6 of the guideline form. Will in the details carefully.
  3. Fill in the Unique Transaction Number provided by the bank to you while paying the fees.
  • Submit the documents which have been asked in the guideline. They must be scanned. The documents required have been mentioned in Point 5 of the Guideline link provided on the website and this blog.
  • Get the form provided by RCI filled by the RCI recognized institute that you have pursued M.Phil from- CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICATION
  • After submission, you will receive a Provisional Registration Certificate with Provisional Registration ID. It will be valid for one year. This certificate needs to be attested along with other documents.
  • After submission, a copy of all documents must also be couriered to RCI to the postal address given in point 20 of the guideline PDF. Make sure you submit them within 10 days of submitting the form.

You can always check the status of your application from the official website by filling the provisional registration ID. Once the license is ready, the status will be updated on the official website. Once it’s done- congratulations, you are now an RCI registered psychologist!


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